Skiing Santa Was a Rain-Out, but Mountain Snow Is Ahead

St. Nick was set to schuss at Snow Valley Mountain Resort, but the weather had other ideas. Still, snow is set to fall in the Running Springs area.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort

What to Know

  • Snow Valley Mountain Resort
  • Santa had a ski date at the resort on both Dec. 23 and 24, 2021, but had to cancel due to heavy rain
  • Running Springs could see some snow accumulation between Christmas and New Year's

UNSOLICITED ADVICE? It can be stellar or iffy, as just about every advice-receiving human knows (so, yep, basically all of us). But anyone would instantly understand that "don't let your work be all-consuming, add some fun" is a pretty solid recommendation. We likely follow that chestnut ourselves: When life becomes too hectic, we get outside, take a walk, look at the stars, bask in some sunbeams. Santa Claus also follows these wise words, being the wise soul that he is, and even though his schedule is famously overloaded each December, he makes time to ski at Snow Valley Mountain Resort. Santa's snowy schuss typically happens a few days before Christmas, as it was meant to in 2021, but alas: A powerful rain fell on Dec. 23, and 24, effectively canceling this merry man's cold cameo at the mountain-based recreational space. But be cheered, for...

Snow Valley Mountain Resort

SNOW VALLEY... has the fun 'n festive photos from years gone by. Santa Claus clearly is a fan of the Southern California slopes, as the snapshots reveal, and he always makes time to take some pictures with visitors. And even though he had to scotch his ski session in 2021, there is some happy news for people who like it frosty and flaky between Christmas and New Year's: More storms are ahead, and these may, fingers crossed, deliver a good amount of flakeage to Running Springs. Thinking of making your first trip to Snow Valley during the holiday week? Check road conditions before you go, and brush up by reviewing this helpful page.

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