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Sun Outdoors San Diego Bay Raises a Glass to Shark Week

Special sips, screenings, and crafts for kids are on the splashy schedule.

Sun Outdoors San Diego Bay

What to Know

  • Sun Outdoors San Diego Bay (RV sites and vacation rentals, plus a line-up of kick-back amenities)
  • Special sips, crafts, to-dos through July 18
  • "Man vs. Shark" screening on July 18 at the poolside wall

SHARKS ON SCREEN: Are you currently captivated by the big-of-fin, impressive-of-teeth, oh-so-sleek critters that have a notable way of dominating our television time, and our most wave-laden mind-wanderings, around the middle of July each year? You're not alone in your shark-centered thoughts. For these powerful ocean denizens regularly command the notice of landlubbers, the sort of people who are firmly drawn to the dramatic and often intense tales swirling around these powerful creatures. But there are ways to connect to sharkier things from our lives on land, or at least human-type interests that boast a bit of fish-tastic flair. And if you're on the road, calling upon...

SUN OUTDOORS SAN DIEGO BAY? The destination, which is known for its RV sites, as well as a host of stay-over rentals, is marking the always anticipated return of Shark Week with lively sips, kid-cute crafts, and thrilling things to watch, too. Shark Week is swimming on Discovery through the center of the seventh month, which is exactly when the sharky doings will take place at the vacation location. Look for the Shark Bite Mockarita at The Getaway Café (yep, those are gummy sharks topping the libation, which includes lemon-lime soda and blue food coloring, as well as grenadine) and "Man vs. Shark" screening on July 18. Shark puppet making and other shark craft-making opportunities are on the calendar.

THERE'S PLENTY AFOOT... around the expansive property, which sits only a short drive from the ocean. Want to swim by after Shark Week concludes? Pickleball, a playground, a pool, and places to enjoy with your pup are part of the sunshiny scene.

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