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The immersive Universal Studios Hollywood land will boast a "groundbreaking ride and interactive areas."

What to Know

  • SUPER NINTENDO WORLD debuted in Japan in 2021
  • It will make its U.S. debut at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023
  • The tech-cool land will include immersive features, a "groundbreaking ride," shopping, places to eat, and oodles of vibrant design elements

GAMES? They can truly be game-changers, when it comes to making a major and lasting and lively and ultra-enjoyable impact on popular culture, what gamers like to do, and even the entertainment choices that exist far outside the gaming universe. And very few gaming innovators have created the colossal, innovative, and genre-changing impact that Nintendo has over the decades, with "Super Mario Bros.," "Legend of Zelda," and a host of iconic adventures weaving through our minds, fancies, and game-obsessed imaginations. But what if you could step inside a fully-Nintendo'd landscape, one populated by the characters you love, the settings you know well, and the playfulness, and thrilling gameplay, that's become synonymous with the lauded company, which was founded in Kyoto near the end of the 19th century?

YOU CAN, in 2023, when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD makes its much-anticipated U.S. debut at Universal Studios Hollywood. The immersive land first opened to major accolades at Universal Studios Japan in 2021, but fresh sights have been set upon Los Angeles for a second version of the vivacious universe, where the "visual spectacle of vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity" will be placed "... within a newly expanded area of the theme park." Fans can expect to enjoy "... a groundbreaking ride and interactive areas," as well as plenty of Yoshi-tastic, Mario-marvelous dining and shopping opportunities, as well as picture-posing oppurtunities aplenty.

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS: While the land's big opening is still a whimsical ways off, local Luigis, Rosalinas, and Princess Peaches can get super-stoked far sooner. For Universal Studios Hollywood will soon unveil a limited-time takeover of its Feature Presentation retail store, one that's fully built around the characters, details, and sights fans can expect to see when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD makes its 2023 debut. That pop-up will happen long before the land opens, says the theme park team, so keep watch for fresh info on good things from the Mushroom Kingdom to sprout soon around the Universal City destination.

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