Surfin' Santa Will Arrive by Ocean in These California Communities

Kris Kringle will make a splashy entrance at San Diego's Seaport Village and Capitola just days after Thanksgiving has concluded.

David Trood

What to Know

  • Santa and the beach are a longtime duo around the Golden State
  • Surfin' Santa will pull up to San Diego's Seaport Village by "watercraft" on Nov. 26
  • Nov. 26 is also when Surfin' Santa steers his kayak for Capitola

UP ON THE ROOFTOP? We've always got an ear turned upward when Christmas grows closer, for the stories and tales of yore tell us that Santa Claus is quite fond of landing his enchanted sleigh high above our heads. But if you know Santa, and we'll guess you're familiar with the fanciful fellow, then you know that he likes to change it up, cheerily, and surprise people with appearances at malls, restaurants, and the occasional over-the-top parade. And in California? The Jolly Old Elf is famous for his splashier style, and we do mean that quite literally. It's become a touching tradition in a couple of water-close communities to welcome Mr. Kringle at the edge of the ocean, and though his chosen conveyance varies by town, it is always a memorable sight.

SURFIN' SANTA... will be popping by Seaport Village in San Diego and Capitola near Santa Cruz on Saturday, Nov. 26. He can obviously call upon both places in a single day, even though they're several hours apart, distance-wise, for Santa is magic and has the well-known ability to bend time and space as he festively sees fit. Seaport Village's Surfin' Santa will arrive by "watercraft" and his "giant surfboard"? He'll have that in hand, should you want to snap a fun photo or two with the legendary guy. Surfin' Santa's Capitola visit is all about a kayak, which pulls up to the shore at noon, and three hours of meet-and-greets and sweet snapshots. But you say that you're seeking a celebrated Santa Paddle, where anyone is invited to don a Santa-inspired outfit and ride a wave? Ho, ho, ho: There's one coming up at Ventura Harbor on Dec. 10.

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