The Famous Flower Fields Will Stay Open a Little Longer

Well, this is as sweet as a petal on the breeze: The colorful Carlsbad destination is welcoming visitors for a few extra days this season.

Marcie Gonzalez

What to Know

  • Through Sunday, May 16
  • Tickets discounted 50% for "general admission, children and seniors"
  • Carlsbad

A GIANT TECOLATE RANUNCULUS, it might be said, is a Giant Tecolate Ranunculus by any other name, or so a certain Bard might astutely observe. But the most celebrated spot to see this spectacular, large-headed flower does tend to follow a rather firm rule, as firm as a blossom's pretty petal is soft: The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch traditionally observe the same closing date each and every year. That final day for the multi-acre wonderland of spectacular and showy bloomage? It's Mother's Day, which means if you want to traipse among the millions of blossoming pink and yellow and red flowers, and stop for a family snapshot or two, you need to visit from opening day, which is always March 1, through to the second Sunday in May. But 2021 is a different year, in so many ways, and The Flower Fields are changing it up, too. Which means they'll be open...

FOR AN ADDITIONAL WEEK, giving flower fans a chance to visit through Sunday, May 16. The blooming season continues at the destination, "...thanks to Mother Nature and her cooler spring weather," shared the team, which also revealed that there "... are still approximately 14 acres currently bloom." This "Spring Encore" also includes some nice savings, too: General admission, as well as ticket for seniors and children, has been discounted by 50 percent. Once you've gotten an eyeful, a mindful, and, most merrily, a heartful of the over-the-top flowers, which are well-loved for their Technicolor hues, be sure to check out some of the attractions around the expansive outdoor property, including The Artists Gardens & Bird Aviaries, not to mention The Strawberry Shake Shack.

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