The Murals of Modesto Are Cosmically Good

Cobre Art's Princess Leia mural, located in the hometown of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, is just one sizeable work to admire while visiting.


What to Know

  • Free to see
  • Visit Modesto has info on each mural and where to find it
  • The digital itinerary also has recommendations on where to eat and what else to see near each featured piece

ART AND THE OUTDOORS? It's a heady combination, the experience of beholding a wondrous work where the ceiling is the sky and each breeze, raindrop, and sunbeam only serves to add something special to the uplifting moment. The combination, though, grows even headier when you know you've got several pieces to see, all sizable, all full of flair, meaning, and impact, and you can view them at your own pace, and for free, too. Modesto happens to boast this exact scene, an alfresco museum of sorts that includes all sorts of impressive, and impressively large, paintings. For murals and Modesto go together like acrylic and brick, making it an ideal destination for people seeking a road trip, the inspiration-filled excitement art can deliver, and good times spent outdoors. To help visitors locate all of these large-scale gems, there is the...

MURALS DIGITAL ITINERARY... from Visit Modesto. The thorough resource covers this "Feast for the Eyes" in a lively but in-depth way, giving art-loving adventurers background on the pieces, the artists, and the focuses of these wall-spanning eye-catchers. And if you're feeling peckish after viewing Cobre Art's "Princess Leia" mural? Find out where to find a sandwich nearby, thanks to the handy recommendations found below each artwork in the digital guide (Preservation Coffee, Fuzio Universal Bistro, Picasso's Deli, and Ralston's Goat are yummy suggestions). There are over 100 public artworks dotting Modesto, with some amazing murals among them, making it a worthy stop on any ramble up or down Highway 99. Find out more now by visiting Visit Modesto, one of the Golden State's mural-strongest cities.

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