Palm Springs

The Palm Springs Tram's on a New Track This Summer

Schedule-wise, that is. The attraction will perform its annual maintenance early, to prepare for a potential late-summer reopening date.

Carolyn Hebbard

TRAM TRIVIA? If you've taken a memorable ride up the side of majestic Mt. San Jacinto once or twice, you probably know a bit about the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, its rotating cars, its mid-century Mountain Station, and the miles of trails you can find up in the alpine-crisp air. You know that Santa visits on special December days, that the glowing tree atop Peaks Restaurant can be seen from various points across the Coachella Valley, and you know that you might find snow, and quite a bit of it, but just taking a short ride from the desert. But did you know that the tram closes each September, for maintenance purposes, so a team can tend to all of the necessary tasks, must-dos, and necessary updates that keep the attraction in tip-top shape?

THAT'S CHANGING IN 2020: The tram remains temporarily closed, due to the coronavirus response, but the tram team has decided to try a new maintenance schedule as it looks down the road to reopening. Maintenance will be performed in August, instead of September, in case the the tram is approved to reopen by Labor Day, with new safety protocols in place. As far as what the 2020 maintenance work holds? "This year’s maintenance shut-down will provide an opportunity to replace the lower haul rope, exchange the carriage on cabin 2 and perform State-permit testing, along with control systems annual service and upgrades," says Vice President of Tramway Systems Chris Bartsch.

KEEP WATCH... on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway social pages, and its site, too, for any details on reopening, maintenance, and what guests can expect once the attraction is again running. As for the popular snowfall-guessing contest? It's hard to believe that the cold competition opens in just a few months, on Oct. 1.

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