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The Winchester Mystery House Flashlight Tour Is Self-Guided

The Hallowe'en Flashlight Tour, a go-on-your-own experience, is happening, but do review the safety policies ahead of time.

Winchester Mystery House

FALL FANS... who are sweet on a certain San Jose-based mansion know that something rather spooky glimmers into view each autumn. And we do mean "glimmers," for that's what happens when the Winchester Mystery House stages its annual Hallowe'een Flashlight Tour. That's the experience that's after-dark, a rare treat, meaning mavens of Sarah Winchester's twisty and turn-filled abode can see it in a new light (or, more accurately, shadow). If you were wondering what might happen to this autumnal adventure in 2020, here's the word from the Winchester team: The flashlight-eerie event is happening, but as a self-guided tour.

FRIDAY, OCT. 2... is the opening date, and capacity will be limited. "The Hallowe'en Flashlight Tour is a self-guided evening tour that allows brave guests to explore the dark halls of the mansion while hearing unnerving stories of the home's haunted history" is the skin-prickling, nerve-rattling word from the historic home. There will be other safety policies in place, so check out everything you need to know before you book your ticket. And if you're wondering if daytime experiences have resumed, yes, they have, as Self-Guided Mansion Tours. If you'd like a bit of Winchester Mystery House in your world, but want to stick to the outdoors, check out The Sarah Winchester Garden Tour, which is still on the attraction's schedule.

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