This Free E-Book Celebrates California Wine Cocktails

The downloadable book spotlights a libation-lovely line-up of "Fresh + Delicious California Wine Cocktails."

Meg Van Der Kruik

PINING FOR WINERIES? There've been ways to send your support to the small vineyards of the Golden State during the pandemic closures, from buying a bottle or two through a catalog to shopping at their online gift store to dropping a kind note, all to remind the vintner that you'll be back one day, in-person, when such visits are possible. But the wineries of our state are also reaching out, and connecting with fans, in a variety of ways, from sharing spectacular Zoom backgrounds of vine-filled hillsides to posting pictures of how those vines are currently doing. Now the Wine Institute, which works on behalf of public policy for regional wineries, has posted a free e-book, one that can be downloaded. The theme?

WINE COCKTAILS, which seem singularly suited to summertime sipping. "Fresh + Delicious California Wine Cocktails... features recipes for fabulous seasonal drinks that celebrate the state’s bounty of sustainably grown wines, produce and fresh herbs." The drinks include the Cucumber Herb Spritzer ("California white wine, cucumber and lime meet mint and basil for a fresh herbal twist") and the SoCal Citrus Sangria ("(a) citrus-kissed combination of California Zinfandel, fresh citrus and a touch of honey"). A frosé with raspberry oomph, a moscato mule with plenty of berry-based bliss, and more wine-themed sips are on the temptingly refreshing list. Can't wait to call upon the hills and dells of your favorite wine country again? Start with this complimentary e-book, a whimsical route to connecting from home.

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