Thomas Fire Artists' Recovery Exhibition, in Ojai

Head to the Porch Gallery Ojai to raise funds for "... creative communities seriously affected by the Thomas Fire."

THE NEW YEAR BEGINS... around California with some snow (fingers crossed, in the mountains) and some parades (right around Pasadena, on the first day of the month) and a lot of sublime, challenging, think-bigger art, in the form of ongoing museum and gallery exhibits and major art shows like the Los Angeles Art Contemporary. Why does the year begin with so much art? Put this last fantastic fact down to a number of reasons, including that those who love creative expression find it inspirational and moving, qualities we're looking for when we launch another fresh set of 365 days. If your resolution is to see more art in 2018, and also to reach out, help others, and do what you can for those who'd appreciate your support and kindness, you can find both hopes met in one spot: the Porch Gallery Ojai. That's going to be the place for the multi-week Thomas Fires Artists' Recovery Exhibition, which opened on Thursday, Feb. 1 and runs through to Sunday, March 11. And...

THE PURPOSE... behind the art show, which is co-presented with The Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation? It's "... a grassroots initiative to raise, match, and distribute unrestricted cash grants to artists in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties' creative communities seriously affected by the Thomas Fire," which began on Dec. 4 and was contained earlier in January, after an utterly devastating few weeks. The goal shared by both the gallery and foundation is to raise over $30,000, which mean "...unrestricted gifts of $5,000, $2,500, and $500, depending on need." Joining the opening reception? That's on Saturday, Feb. 3, and it will include a harp performance by Ojai's own Andrea Brook, who'll employ harp strings some 60 feet in length to create her music. Finding, and purchasing, a painting by an artist you instantly adore? That could definitely happen, and will happen for many visitors to this sweet fundraiser, a give-back event that intends to reach out, and lift up, numerous creators around the region. 

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