Tour the Whaley House via a ‘Spirited' Video

The San Diego landmark is temporarily closed, but you can connect with its ghostly character online.


MANY U.S. ABODES... are known for their unusual atmospheres, their built-in chills, and their skin-prickling tales, the kind of stories that make you check around every door when you enter a new room, but only a few places wear the crown of "most haunted," or "incredibly spirited." These are the sorts of notable venues that seem as if they exist halfway on this side of the veil and halfway into the mysterious beyond. The Whaley House, located in Old Town San Diego, has gained just that ghostly reputation over the years, thanks to numerous staff sightings and detailed reports from visitors. The historic landmark is temporarily closed, meaning its usual bustle-bustle Halloween season is staying on the quiet side. But it isn't totally silent, for there's a...

VIDEO TOUR... available to view at home, for a limited time, for ten dollars. "Shadows of the Past" delves into the history of Thomas Whaley, and the family that formerly resided in the handsome house, as well as the various strange things that have been seen by those who've called upon it in modern times. The site temptingly describes the tour as a "... one-of-a-kind, lamp-lit armchair tour of this historically haunted house," so make a pot of tea or pour a cider and pull your throw blanket closer.

AND IF YOU DO THE TOUR... on Oct. 30 or 31? Things will get especially spirited, thanks to "... a special Q&A session with Whaley House historians Dean Glass and Robin Lakin, as a well-timed full moon hovers over the old brick mansion!" For more information on this seasonal treat, the amount of time you have to watch it, and the Q&A, float by the Whaley House site now. Oh yes: There's Whaley House gear for purchase, too, and other fun and phantom-y finds for the fan who dreams of one day spending Halloween evening at one of our country's most haunted destinations.

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