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Travel Back to an '80s Ski Lodge at This Huntington Beach Pop-up

Don your leg warmers and savor fondue at the Pier Summit Ski Lodge, a limited-time experience.

Kimpton Shorebreak Huntington Beach Resort

What to Know

  • The Pier Summit Ski Lodge pop-up bar at the Kimpton Shorebreak Resort
  • Fondue, craft cocktails, and other retro goodies are on the menu
  • The wintertime whimsy boasts neon details, old-school Viewfinders, and opportunities to rock retro ski wear

FINDING A BEACH BAR... in a mountain town, the sort of slope-adjacent hangout that has the fireplace roaring around the clock? That's going to be tricky, especially since skis tend to outnumber surfboards in such spots. Likewise, putting a cheery chalet, the kind that boasts toasty charms and warm-to-the-tummy tastes, in an ocean-close community doesn't seem to happen all that often. Still, if you'd like a place where you can don your pastel leg warmers and puffy neon jacket, you'd like that '80s-cool fantasia to be closer to where you are, even if you're near the beach. And fans of the throwback ski lifestyle are getting their whimsical wish this fall, as the Pier Summit Ski Lodge, a plucky pop-up full of over-the-top touches, holds cool court at the Kimpton Shorebreak Resort.

THE HUNTINGTON BEACH DESTINATION... is summoning mountain-merry vibes at the pop-up bar, which will feature dishes like fondue and craft cocktails with a real "it's snowing outside" character. The '80s element will appear in the sartorial look of the staff members, the neon details of the bar, and Viewfinders to transport you around the world with each click. Special events will festoon the festive meeting place, much like newly fallen snowflakes can festoon the branches of a pretty tree. Look for weekly Jazzercise classes each Tuesday, the kind that may prompt you to rock a stretchy headband, and live tunes, too. Do you need the sort of zipper-laden looks that the super-stylish schuss set made famous four decades ago? You do not; just show with a love for lodges, a desire for cozy cuisine, and an affection for '80s everything.

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