Visit Spring at a Roger's Gardens Workshop

Need more flowers in your world? You don't have to wait for your garden to bloom.

ROGER'S GARDENS... is known for its over-the-top shops come Halloween and Christmas, and for an excellent reason: The theme-filled displays are more like visit-cool attractions around the end of the year. The items in the displays are buyable, of course, making the Corona del Mar garden-and-more store one of the ultimate regional places to go to A) get into the holiday swing and B) find something, a vase or plates or a wreath, to purchase and take home. But there's more going on around the flowery destination, even in wintertime, which makes sense, as Southern California's gardens don't fully shut down when chilly weather descends. There are spring-anticipating workshops, the sort of sessions that put flowers and greenery in your hands and inspiration, fingers crossed, in your mind. As you might expect, some of the workshops around early February are very Valentine's Day oriented, but there are others, like the...

TERRARIUM WORKSHOP... on Saturday, Feb. 24, and a class devoted to succulents on Wednesday, Jan. 24. And if you do want to go the make-a-heart route, well, there are two sessions available, on Feb. 7 and 10. It's a springful sign that, in the weeks ahead, our major nurseries, like Roger's Gardens, and our public gardens, too, will begin to help those who love to be outside, with a spade and gloves and sun hat, reconnect with petals and blooms via a host of craftly pursuits. Is 2018 your year to try something new? If that's your resolution, a floral-themed workshop isn't too big a leap, especially if you're already obsessed with being with, and tending to, your own garden. Consider it both a creative, and stress-be-gone, way to spend time. Workshops do sell out; for prices and times, send a tendril or two in this direction.

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