Wildflower Season Is Ready to Pop Around the Eastern Sierra

Lupines, wild irises, and assortment of spectacular blossoms festoon Mono County when the later part of spring arrives.

Bill Wight CA

What to Know

  • Wildflowers can make a showy stand around the Eastern Sierra county in late May and June
  • The tourist team in Mono County has suggestions on what to see
  • Lupines, wild irises, paintbrush, wallflower, and other blossoms burst in the area as summer draws near

ARE YOU PINING FOR SOMETHING? You may long for the object dancing around your mind's eye, and wish it was nearby, and truly pine for it in a way you haven't pined for anything in a good, long time. But if you're lupining for something, well, you're likely hoping that you can make a journey to a spectacular place that is known for lupines, those tall and regal flowers that can be a bright blue as well as a host of other hues, too. These majestic members of the pea family make their cameo on the California calendar when it can seem as though wildflower season is just about done and there are no more petals popping in our state's more remote corners and canyons. But when late May arrives, and June, too, you'll often find these flowery favorites around the Eastern Sierra, and up into the Sierra Nevada, too.

THE MONO COUNTY TOURISM PROS... can give you a lupine-centered peek into the areas you'll want to go if you'd like to admire the amazing late-spring wildflower show that is synonymous with the region. There are other blossoms beyond lupines that make strong showings, of course, with wild irises adding extra beauty to the beautiful Bridgeport Valley and wallflower popping up near Parker Lake. And if you're a paintbrush person? Look to McGee Creek, which is often full of flowery springtime wonder as we approach the start of summer. You can see stunning snapshots of big blooms from years gone by, and find information on wildflower loops, too, on Mono County's wildflower-wonderful site. Good to know? Wildflowers are never guaranteed, and a drier winter can mean fewer flowers. Do keep an eye on the Mono County social pages for current sightings and conditions.

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