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Winchester Mystery House's Guided Tours Are Again Materializing

The twisty, turn-y abode, which features stairways that end at solid walls and other oddities, will welcome tour guests back later in June 2021.

Winchester Mystery House

What to Know

  • San Jose
  • Guided tours resume on Saturday, June 19
  • $42 adult; advance reservations necessary

EVERY HOME TELLS A STORY, it is often said, and the people giving voice to that particular bit of wisdom certainly know what they're talking about. You can likely tell at least a tale or two, or probably a dozen, about each nook and cranny in your own space, the sort of anecdotes and tidbits that lend character to a casa. But what if the house in question rambled, and turned this way, and then turned that way, and had bewitched the public for well over a century? Having someone at the lead, to illuminate the structure's stories, is of enormous and interesting benefit. And you can have that knowledgeable guide again, at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, when guide-helmed tours return on the final day of spring 2021.

THAT'S SATURDAY, JUNE 19, and tickets are on sale now (you'll need to buy your admission in advance). You'll call upon 110 rooms, which is far more than half of the rooms that fill Sarah Winchester's Victorian manor (there are 160 rooms in all). Tales of why the home's owner continued the building, the messages from beyond she may have received, and why today's phantom seekers regularly return to the mansion have all been touched upon during past tours. Something of note, particularly for those interested in the attraction's ghostly reputation? "The tour guide-led experience allows guests to access areas of the mansion that have been closed since March 2020, including the 3rd and 4th floors which are purportedly the most paranormally active areas of the bizarre mansion," shares the site.

ALSO? "The revamped tour will also feature newly discovered details about the mysterious mansion." Find out more about this mysterious manse now, and how to get tickets when guided tours again "haunt" the hallowed home.

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