Yosemite Hosts a Joyful Bash for Junior Rangers

Become a virtual junior ranger, then virtually gather for a ranger-led get-together, one that includes "animal games" and more.

Yosemite National Park

COOL CALLINGS IN THIS WORLD? There are so many marvelous paths. Choosing a route that is going to fit your interests, talents, and strengths, is key, but so is finding something that serves the community in important and meaningful ways. The rangers of our national parks understand this concept, and you can see their talents and community-connection at work in everything they do. Which means, of course, that the opportunity to become a junior ranger is especially exciting. It's a chance thousands of youngster take each year when they call upon a favorite park, and it is a role our kids take quite seriously. Do you have a junior ranger at home? Or would your tot like to become a virtual junior ranger? Then...

JOIN THE PARK RANGERS... of Yosemite National Park on May 28 for a Junior Ranger Party, one that involves a few different fun and festive activities. Look for "animal games," which seems fitting, as the California nature-filled wonderland is home to a host of animals, from black bears to bighorn sheep. Your young'un will also dance it up along with Ranger Anastasia and Ranger Adam, and say the timeless junior ranger pledge. It's free to join, and happening on the Yosemite Facebook page, so tune in at 10:30 in the morning on Thursday the 28th for nature, inspiration, and the joy of junior rangerdom.

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