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Google Glass Goes Prescription



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    This group would have to remove their eye wear before entering an Atlantic City casino.

    Google is readying its new version of Google Glass which will come in new colors and sport prescription lenses, according to a report.

    Google announced the new devices Monday on Google+, stating that its Glass Explorers, or those testing out the beta version of Google Glass, will be able to swap their version for a new one. The new version will be offered with a prescription for those needed glasses, and will come in a a number of shades. We're not clear on if this means different shades of lenses or frames, however, current users will also be able to switch to a differently colored frame.

    The new version will also come with a mono earbud, apparently to drown out the current speaker, according to Ars Technica. While a mono earbud sounds like something from 1978 rather than from the new millennium, that's what's available. Perhaps stereo will happen at a later date.

    So far, no fees have been discussed with the trade-ins, which are supposed to roll out in November.

    Glass Explorers will also be given three invites to give to others so they can pay $1,500 to test out the device. If that's the case, and you want access to the wearable computer, you may want to start being extra nice to your first-adopter friends now.