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WATCH: Fallon Parodies "First Kiss" Viral Video With Puppies and Kittens



    Fallon parodies a viral video that shows 20 strangers sharing a kiss. In the "Tonight Show" host's version, pets share a smooch. (Published Monday, March 17, 2014)

    Jimmy Fallon on Thursday spoofed the "First Kiss" viral video, which captured twenty strangers smooching for the first time.

    While some found the video by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva a bit cringe-worthy, Fallon's version is just plainly adorable.

    "The Tonight Show" host's parody, "First Lick," features puppies and kittens playfully licking and nibbling each other.

    In one scene, a basset hound is licking a cat's face and the feline is clearly enjoying all the attention.

    In another scene, a puppy runs up to the basset hound and sniffs its posterior. The dog barely reacts.

    Fallon's video ends with puppies licking the camera that's filming their shenanigans.

    "First Kiss," which was posted on YouTube on Monday, has already racked up over 45 million views. On Tuesday, the clothing company Wren revealed the film was an ad for its fall 2014 collection.