Panga Boat Found, 10 People Detained

A panga fishing vessel was found abandoned near Leo Carrillo State Park. 10 people found near the vessel have been detained.

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    The Boat was Found Early Friday Morning Near Leo Carrillo State Park

    Early Friday morning a Panga boat was found stranded on the beach near Leo Carrillo State Park.

    A panga is a Mexican-style fishing vessel often used for smuggling, reports the Ventura County Star.

    After the discovery, members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department took possession of the boat.

    Then at approximately 1:45 P.M. while on patrol, a park ranger found what turned out to be ten people hunkered down in a river bottom, directly across the street from where the boat was found.

    When it was determined that they were associated with the boat they were taken into custody. One of the men was taken to a hospital.

    Sheriff's deputies from Ventura and Los Angeles counties were called in to help search for at least four other people involved in the incident, reports the Ventura County Star.