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Mattingly's Extension Is One Less Distraction For Dodgers

With his new extension, the #FireMattingly campaign can take a rest



    When the Dodgers earned a berth to the NLCS in 2013, it triggered a clause in Don Mattingly's contract that guaranteed him one more year as the team's manager. The two parties decided that they wanted to be together beyond the 2014 season, as they came to agreement on an extension this week.

    The Dodgers announced the contract on Wednesday. The three-year extension secures Mattingly at the helm of the squad through 2016, and is expected to come with a raise to his 2013 salary of $1.4 million.

    This ought to bring an end to the online #FireMattingly fan-brigade, and the constant media speculations surrounding his job security. One of the biggest distractions around the Dodgers in 2013 was the status of Mattingly as the team's manager.

    He appeared to be hanging by a thread in May with the team in last place. In fact many expected he would not even make it to the All Star Break. Then the Dodgers went on that ridiculous record-setting run with 42 wins in 50 games. 

    Despite that fantastic streak, and an NLCS appearance, the #FireMattingly campaign never took a rest. Even with this extension there has been a large grumble from the Dodger fanbase who do not support him as manager.

    Overall, this seems like a no-brainer deal for both sides. Mattingly has always appeared happy to be coaching in Los Angeles, and the Dodgers would have struggled to find a good replacement.

    Mattingly expressed his desire for an extension early this off-season. He did not want to go through another season with the Dodgers where his job seemed to be at risk at any given moment.

    The extension gives him job security and takes a large distraction away from the club. Looks like it is time for the #FireMattingly crew to just sit down and see what he can do with the abundance of talent that the Dodgers have on the roster in the next three years.