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Laker Fans are "Grown and Sexy," Nick Young Talks Lakers, Clippers

Nick Young was asked about the difference between his time with the Lakers and his time with the Clippers, and Young offered a unique response comparing fans.



    In the wake of yet another demoralizing loss, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young was asked about the difference between the Lakers and the Clippers. The LA-native attended the University of Southern California and has spent time with both of LA's professional basketball teams.

    "I say the Clippers [are] more for the youth," Young said after suffering his third straight defeat at the hands of his former team. "They get more young people to their games."

    "I think we just got that 'vet' feel. You know, the Lakers get that more mature crowd," Young added.

    Before fans drop their heads and wonder why Young was calling Laker fans old, Young was not attempting to offend or put down either set of fans. After he was done with the general interview, approached the 28-year-old and asked what he meant, exactly.

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    "Grown and sexy" was the term escaping Young earlier, and he told that the Lakers crowd was "grown and sexy." Whether Young was talking about the fans or projecting his own personal life onto the franchises was unclear.

    With the Lakers, Young is a 28-year-old NBA veteran in his eighth season as a professional. By all accounts, Young has been a positive teammate helping a hobbled and battered Lakers team finish a historically bad season.

    With the Clippers, Young was a maturing 25-year-old kid still learning his way. He would spend less than half the season alongside Chris Paul in his first season in LA.

    Young's future in LA is uncertain, and his comments often sound like he is preparing for his inevitable departure.

    “For me, just personally, it’s a blessing. I enjoy playing here for the Lakers,” Young reflected on his lone season with the purple and gold. “It’s been great. Honestly, I wish we could have won more and had a better year, but just personally, I enjoyed it.”

    Young has a player option on his contract, and most insiders expect Young to opt out of his contract and earn more money on the open market. Whether or not the Lakers hold onto Young may ultimately be a financial decision, as the Cleveland High School graduate is a fan favorite and has been a positive contributor on the court and in the locker room this season.