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Radar Detector That Finds Red Light Cameras



    FIND THE TRAPS: In the never-ending radar detector race between police and drivers comes a new weapon.

    The Passport 9500ix has all the usual radar detector features to help you avoid speeding tickets plus something new: the ability to tell you when you're near a red light camera.

    Since these kinds of speed traps don't use radar, traditional detectors can't warn you.

    The 9500ix adds a GPS combined with a built in database of traps to alert you as you approach a camera. Each model is shipped pre-loaded with thousands of high-risk location and the database can be easily updated through the web to stay current.

    The 9500ix comes at a price: around $480. But considering the cost of a ticket and the impact on your insurance, it may be worth it.

    BUY ONE: You can purchase the 9500ix at most local car electronics stores.