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A Soap with Mozza in It



    GREASY CLEAN: The lines lingering outside Mozza are still notable. More than notable. But there's a way to bring a little lovely Mozza-ness into your life without hanging outside the door. Further Soap uses "waste grease" from Mozza. We're talking about the sort of grease that every kitchen produces. Normal stuff. Further was thunk up by an engineer, so the clean you're getting is really clean. And it is a great way to reuse. And it is a great and novel way to have a bit of a famous LA restaurant in your own home. You can read more about Further here, if how grease becomes soap is mysterious to you. It is to us, and we love a good mystery. SQUEAKY SCIENCE: Food Network Magazine directed us to this bit of LA-based lather; an 8-ounce bottle is $12.50.