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Los Olivos Day in the Country



    REMEMBER? The first time you turned off the 154 and spied Los Olivos? Did you say the same thing we said long ago, which was likely the same phrase that many new visitors to the small and beautiful wine country town utter? We do believe we said something like "is this here?" Which, okay, looks rather ridiculous now that we see it written out. But you've likely had the "is this here?" feeling, and we feel sure many people have had it with the tasting-room-dotted town. It's so charming and appears so suddenly next to the highway, in the middle of all of that rolling green goodness, that you're a bit gobsmacked. In a good way. It's even a bit Brigadoon-ish, even. And that coming-upon-a-magical-spot vibe will be heightened during A Day in the Country, a Saturday-long party that's big on parading, music, and wine tasting. The 2011 date is Saturday, Oct. 15.

    SWEET DOINGS: A lot of visitors will do the tasting room circuit, or hit one of the many eateries the town is known for. Locals'll definitely line up for the parade. But we'd recommend a visit to the Book Faire at St. Mark's-in-the-Valley. Rumor is books'll be sold by the inch. By. The. Inch. Have we bought books by the inch before? We don't believe so. Time for a new experience. Just like turning off Highway 154 that first time. One of the best new experiences ever.