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Sweet Adoption Fair: 'Cookies and a Critter'

Girl Scout Cookie season is winding down, but not before the Helen Woodward Animal Center hosts a cute, do-good, treat-tastic party.



    Sweet Adoption Fair: 'Cookies and a Critter'
    Helen Woodward Animal Center
    Trot for the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe on Saturday, March 11 for your final boxes of Girl Scout Cookies — and, just maybe, a new pup or kitten to call your own.

    THIN MINT MAVENS... and those who call Tagalongs or Trefoils or Samoas their favorite annual treats can start to expect to see a piled-high table at the entrance to their grocery store or a favorite restaurant. For once cookie season commences, and your neighborhood Girl Scout troop is out selling the boxes of those iconic treats, well... A person can start to hope it will always be this way. You won't need to save that last sleeve of Thin Mints, the one in the freezer, for several months. You won't need to canvas your pals to see who has a box or two of Lemonades. But, like all wonderful things that follow a here-now, back-next-year calendar, Girl Scout cookies do bid us farewell just around the time that spring arrives. That means that the season is winding down, though there is a winsome, and woofer-cute way, to buy a few more boxes before they're fully gone. Just look to the...

    HELEN WOODWARD ANIMAL CENTER... in Rancho Santa Fe, which has invited Girl Scout Troop #4204 to stop by around the middle of the day on Saturday, March 11. The scouts'll be selling those superstar sweets, and if you find a Fido or feline you love, you'll get a box of cookies gratis to fuel your adoption process. That's a nice thank you to those people adopting animals during the day, though, of course, purchasing a few boxes does support the troop. And Troop #4204 keeps community service, including making "...a difference for orphan pets," per leader Lori Burchell, as an important goal. The "cookies and a critter" event is sweet to the tooth, to the heart, and to the troop's dedication to helping others. That a few "furry 'junior sales assistants'" will be wagging their tails and keeping the scouts company only ups the day's cheeful, give-back factor.