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Keep Up a Strong Mind and Body During The Pandemic

Stay mentally and physically healthy.

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Finding the motivation to properly take care of yourself during quarantine can be difficult because of all the stress and newfound challenges. But getting moving and motivated again could be right around the corner with some small changes. Dr. Ian Smith, author of "Mind Over Weight", has some tips on how to find your motivation and set some goals during quarantine.

Find Your Motivation

Learn your internal and external motivators. An internal motivator is when you are motivated by your enjoyment of the process like reading a book or watching a movie. An external motivator is when you are rewarded by something around you like doing a task to get compliments or praise. Smith says you need a mix of both internal and external motivators to keep yourself motivated.

Goal Setting is Key

Don't just think about your big overarching goal. Think about all the little goals and small milestones in between like working out a few times a week or walking to work. These little goals that are more achievable will keep you motivated as you work towards your big goal.

Find the Right Plan for You

There is no such thing as one plan works for everybody. Find the right workout plan or diet plan for you that is sustainable and that you like. Make sure your plan isn't too extreme. Trial and error is okay!


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Crush the Cravings

Cravings are very common but cravings are just temporary. If you can outlast your craving for 15 or 20 minutes it should go away. But if you can't resist the craving, find a healthy swap for it. For example if you are craving something salty try edamame or a seaweed snack which is healthier and not processed.

Avoid Stress Eating

Before you reach for that food, ask yourself , "Am I hungry?" Find others ways to distract yourself by engaging yourself physically or intellectually like reading a book or going for a walk.

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