Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean and Bacteria Free

Make sure you clean your brushes every seven days and don't share them.

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Brush up on the right way to keep your makeup brushes clean and bacteria free. Dr. Anna Guanche, Founder of Bella Skin Institute, shared tips with California Live on how to keep your makeup brushes as clean as possible.

Clean More Than Just the Bristles

Clean more than just the brush bristles. Gunache recommends using a sterilizing wipes on the handles of all your brushes. You can also use the wipes on your compacts and the outside of other makeup containers too.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

Get a gentle cleanser like a foaming cleanser, Dawn or baby shampoo to clean your brushes. Make sure it isn't too harsh.

Clean Them Properly

Guanche has a step-by-step guide on how to clean your brushes properly. First, add some cleanser to warm water and stir until it is foamy. Then slowly swirl the brush bristles in the water. The water will then start to change color as the makeup begins to come off of it. Keep swirling the brushes in the water until the water runs clear.


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Dry the Brushes Properly

Fold the brushes into a towel and pat gently. Then set the brushes on a towel near the edge of the counter to let the brushes drip dry.

Don't Damage Your Brushes in the Process

Gunache warns to only clean the quarter ends of your brush bristles. If you clean further up you could destroy the brush by breaking down the glue at the top of the bristles that holds the bristles together.

Don't Forget About Your Pencils

Gunache said the best way to clean your makeup pencils, like eyeliner or lip liner, is to sharpen the tip regularly.

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