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Tips to Sell Your Home as the Real Estate Market Heats Up Again

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Despite the pandemic and recession, many areas are seeing a spike in homes sales. California Live got some expert advice from veteran realtor Arvin Haddad on how to sell your home.

Pick the Right Realtor

Choose your realtor carefully. Make sure you pick the right realtor for you and your home. Make sure the realtor is someone you can get along with and knows how to showcase your home. Haddad also advises to avoid using friends or family.

Be Careful During COVID

If you are planning on selling your house, you're going to have to showcase it. That means people will be coming through your house weekly or even daily to see the property. It's very reasonable to ask potential buyers to wear masks and sanitize their hands amongst other precautions. But if you are not ready, it's okay.

Focus on the Backyard

Haddad believes that post COVID there will be a bigger focus on backyards and outdoor space. Even if you have a small backyard, dress it up or make it more functional so potential buyers can enjoy it.

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