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Alec Baldwin Deletes Twitter Account Over Gillian Anderson Post

Alec Baldwin posted an Instagram video on March 3 to explain he is no longer on Twitter after "haters" criticized his tweet about Gillian Anderson's accent

In this Oct. 21, 2019, file photo, actor Alec Baldwin attends the Build Series to discuss "Motherless Brooklyn" at Build Studio in New York City.
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Alec Baldwin is done with Twitter after a post of his received backlash.

On Wednesday evening, the actor shared a video on Instagram in which he explained he deleted his Twitter account due to the response to his tweet earlier in the day referring to Gillian Anderson "switching accents."

"Wanted to post a quick video to say that I deactivated my Twitter account today," Baldwin said in the Instagram video.

He did not name Anderson by name but explained what happened from his perspective.

"I just wrote, 'Oh, that's interesting,'" he said. "And of course, you can't do any irony on Twitter – you can't do any irony in the United States anymore because the United States is such [an] uptight, stressed-out place and such an unpleasant place right now."

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Baldwin had tweeted out a CNN story titled, "Gillian Anderson's American accent throws some people off." He added the message, "Switching accents ? That sounds...fascinating."

The CNN story reflected on Anderson having used her real-life American accent at the 2021 Golden Globes on Feb. 28 despite the fact that she typically performs with a British accent. The alum of "The X-Files" was born in Chicago but spent 10 years in London with her family before moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and then attending college in Chicago.

The star pointed out he is a "huge fan" of Anderson's and hadn't meant to offend her, but rather was just expressing that if people are influenced by multiple cultures, "that's your business."

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"But I find that, of course, on Twitter, which is where all the a------- in the United States and beyond go to get their advanced degrees in a--------iness, that I had used it as a news aggregator," he said. "And I suppose I will do my best to find other places that are similar in their news aggregation in real time and periodicals I like."

The "Match Game" host shared that he "can't say anything dark enough" to describe the Twitter crowd.

"The problem with Twitter is, there was a lot of haters."

This comes just a few months after a Twitter thread about Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, and her cultural heritage went viral. In it, people accused her of faking a Spanish accent and misrepresenting her background.

After continually defending herself, Hilaria Baldwin took a month-long break from Instagram but returned on Feb. 5.

"The way I've spoken about myself and my deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained," she wrote upon her return. "I should have been more clear and I'm sorry."

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