The Heartbreaking True Love Story Behind ‘All My Life'

Universal Pictures will release the film on demand Dec. 23.

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After a brief stint in theaters, “All My Life” is being released on demand just before Christmas. The film is based on the true story of Jennifer Carter and Solomon Chau, a young couple who accelerated their wedding after receiving a devastating diagnosis.

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(from left) Solomon “Sol” Chau (Harry Shum Jr) and Jenn Carter (Jessica Rothe) in All My Life, directed by Marc Meyers.

Jessica Rothe (“Happy Death Day”) and Harry Shum Jr. (“Crazy Rich Asians”) play the heartbreaking couple who try to navigate the emotional roller coaster of young love, and mortality.

“There’s moments you’re like, where do I go from here,” Shum says. “And you see this impending end. Then the optimism kicks in.”

Sol is diagnosed with liver cancer and quickly the couple decides to move up their summer wedding to December. In a race against time, Jenn and Sol’s friends and family launch an online fundraiser to help the couple create their dream wedding in just two weeks. In the process, they unleash an outpouring of generosity and attention from people around the world who want to celebrate the power of love with them.

Through it all, Jenn and Sol’s commitment to each other only deepens. Rothe says they learned how deep their commitment was through Carter who shared stories about what their real life was like.

Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images
TORONTO, ON - APRIL 11: Chef Solomon Chau and Jenn Carter pose outside Casa Loma for their surprise wedding. Chau has terminal cancer. (Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

“She’s such an incredible woman and she’s very generous with both of us and sharing stories and movies and videos,” Rothe says. “And also just telling us about their incredible relationship and how much positivity they both brought in.”

“All My Life” is directed by Marc Meyers (“Human Capital”) from an original screenplay by Todd Rosenberg. It will be available on demand Dec. 23.

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