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7-Eleven: BYO Slurpee Cup Days

In honor of the chain's big 50th, the bring-your-own-cup event returns (but this time it is for two days).



    7-Eleven: BYO Slurpee Cup Days
    Slurpees in their traditional cups are a common sight, but on March 18 and 19 fans of the 7-Eleven classic'll sip out of stranger (and often larger) glassware.

    How creative can 7-Eleven's now-famous Slurpee-themed Bring Your Own Cup Day get?

    Photographic evidence, seen around Onlineland, proves that fans of slushy-cold beverages truly do think outside of the spoon-style straw 'n paper cup. Past years have seen people showing up at their local 7-Eleven with empty milk-style jugs — the one-gallon kind — and Crock-Pots, too.

    Just pause to picture it, if you will: A Crock-Pot filled to the brim with Slurpee.

    This isn't free Slurpee, mind you, but you'll get a lot of ounces in that Crock-Pot, or the vessel of your choice, for the money you spend: Prepare to pay a buck fifty on Friday, March 18 and/or Saturday, March 19, which are both, oh yes they are, BYO Cup Slurpee Days.

    The cold drink company is going big, in honor of Slurpee's 50th, and fans'll think big, too, when it comes to whatever quirky cup they choose to fill with that flavorfully icy icon of the American road trip.

    Other methods used in years gone by have included the massive clear bottles that sit atop water coolers, punch bowls, hollowed-out watermelons, popcorn buckets, margarita glasses, and, yes, swimming pools, the fill-with-a-hose kind.

    There are some rules and to-knows, including this ultra important essential one: Your cup must be clean. "Food safe" is the serious end of the lighthearted event, so be cool and make sure your sipper's sparkly.

    One cup per person, too, is another guideline to keep close to your heart as you dig through your cupboards, searching out that serves-20 salad bowl your mom gave you.

    There's also a "10-inch hole" rule, too, for your cup to fit through, so know all, Slurpeens.

    And you'll want to find a participating 7-Eleven, in the "last but not least" category.

    Feeling that blissful brain freeze? Wondering if you'll swirl a few flavors or stick with a single choice? Start plotting, for one of beveragedom's best-known events is now a two-dayer.

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