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A Full Week of "A Hard Day's Night"

The seminal Beatles cine-bonbon settles into the Silent Movie Theatre.



    A Full Week of "A Hard Day's Night"
    A Hard Day's Night
    A newly restored "A Hard Day's Night" will leap and dash and sing at Cinefamily on Fairfax from July 3 through 10.

    For every 10 films packed with scowlers and gloomy Guses and stodgy plots and unzippy dialogue there is one happy-go-fun flick that wants nothing more than to be a complete, forget-your-cares gas.

    And for every 10 films that are total giggle-nice gases there's but one lasting, lighthearted classic.

    And for every 10 lighthearted classics there is "A Hard Day's Night."

    You know it well. You love it, whether you're a Beatles buff or not. (You totally so are.) And you've sung along to "Can't Buy Me Love" and "If I Fell" and applauded the big-screen antics of a certain ladly quartet.

    Paul. George. Ringo. John.

    Feeling the fizz? Then circle July 3 through 10 on your refrigerator calendar, for Cinefamily on Fairfax Avenue is showing a full week of "Hard" happy times. Make that newly restored "Hard" happy times, meaning the crisp black-and-whiter'll be crisper than ever.

    Should we also mention it is the 50th anniversary of Richard Lester's so-good-you-could-eat-it pop treat? Let's.

    Should we also mention that seeing a film that's a half-century-old play for a full week, and not just a night, on the big screen is rarer than the rarest steak? Definitely.

    Should we also mention it is playing on Catalina Island on Sunday, July 6? And will Pattie Boyd, George Harrison's former amour, be in attendance? Yes (and she's in the film, too).

    And should all keyboards come with a built-in shortcut that allows you to include "Paul. George. Ringo. John." in whatever you're typing, with one quick keystroke? 

    Please, keyboard manufacturers. You probably need to look into this necessary innovation. Many, many people type the names of the Fab Four fairly often. It's just a fact.

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