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Actors Spinning Stories at the Getty

Leonard Nimoy and Robert Sean Leonard are two of the special guests.



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    The Getty
    Jane Kaczmarek, Leonard Nimoy, and Anika Noni Rose will join fellow actors at the Getty on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24 to read short stories and celebrate words.

    It's one of our first, and most favorite, leisure-time activities: Hearing a short story read aloud.

    That pleasure sometimes ends too soon, with childhood, and months or years can pass before we hear another human read to us, live and in person and not via an electronic device.

    It's more than a pleasure, some would argue; enjoying spoken words and lively tales is something our minds crave. If it has been too long for you, or you simply just love the simple act of being read to, make for the Getty Center on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24.

    "Selected Shorts: A Celebration of the Short Story," the public radio program, is inviting several actors to step up to the mic and read yarns involving something we're all pretty fond of: leisure.

    Call it a fine fit, hearing tales of leisure pursuits while leisurely listening to voices say the words. But not just any voices: Leonard Nimoy, Anika Noni Rose, Jane Kaczmarek, Robert Sean Leonard, Alison Pill, Kate Burton, and Josh Radnor are set to read from the works of Dorothy Parker, John Cheever, and other great lit figures.

    The price: $20. This is one you'll want to reserve in advance, and you'll also want to see who is reading what and when. No doubt about it: Some audience members will be there both days.

    This series has a few returning regulars -- lookin' at you, here, Josh Radnor -- and some truly big names along the years. Tim Curry? James Cromwell? Oh boy. If only sonorous-voiced actors could read us all to sleep every night.

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