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An Esoteric Evening in the Elysian Valley

Filmmakers, artists, and La Llorona haunt the Frogtown Artwalk.



    An Esoteric Evening in the Elysian Valley
    Frogtown Artwalk
    La Llorona paid a haunting visit to the 2012 Frogtown Artwalk. Who will be there on Saturday, Sept. 28? Count on local artists, families, musicians and more creative people, all lending love, story, and oomph to the Elysian Valley.

    No two artwalks are the same, though certain themes do run through the events. Gallery hopping is common, as is socializing with the artists in question, and the sipping of white wine.

    But Frogtown's annual art-threaded hoedown is kind of in its own funky class. It's set to stroll again on Saturday, Sept. 28.

    Yep, there shall be galleries, and, yep, there shall be hobnobbing with local painters, but the community of the Elysian Valley, and the river-close neighborhood, serve as the people-and-place-based hearts of the affair.

    La Llorona called on the 2012 artwalk, moving mysteriously through local streets as families emerged from houses to admire the performance (and be chilled). And hula hooping, art-making, dancing, and chowing down on grilled goodies all happen in and around the galleries.

    Yeah, it's not your average art walk.

    Evening adds a lot to the texture of the event, and evening in Elysian Valley? We won't pit it against dusk in the other areas of Southern California, but its adjacent-ness to the Los Angeles River, and the presence of nature, lend much to the gloamily gorgeous atmosphere.

    And the art itself? It's on the neighborhood streets, yes, but in the area's industrial buildings. Prepare to take in paintings, sculptures, mixed media, and the making of art before your eyes. A "celebration of text and the written word" will be introduced for the first time this year as well. Further, movie projections of trees -- the ones from the riverbed -- will festoon the evening.

    In short? Loads of atmosphere, loads of authenticity, loads of community, so etherealness and lovely, lovely art makes up the Frogtown festivities. Other art walks everywhere, the bar is raised.

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