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Art, Tunes on the Miracle Mile: TARFEST

Join a free party at the most historic club -- er, spot -- in town.



    Art, Tunes on the Miracle Mile: TARFEST
    Art, music, and the wonders of burbling tar unite at Hancock Park -- aka the La Brea Tar Pits -- on Saturday, Sept. 21. It's TARFEST and it is free.

    There isn't a music lover on the planet that would own up to putting much stock in "cred" in terms of where they see concerts, but, regardless, the sizing up of cred is and will always be rampant.

    In short: If a club or venue has been around for decades, its cred is usually high, especially if it has seen a few historic acts. So what does that say for what is ostensibly our city's oldest venue, a spot that will see a lot of tunes going down, for free, on Saturday, Sept. 21? 

    We are indeed talking about the tar pits, and while the Stones never played there, dire wolves and mammoths and other ancient icons once frolicked in the area. Making it truly a great spot for a concert, a concert that's aptly named TARFEST.

    The all-ages shows -- something else rather rare -- will feature a number of bands like Echosmith, Nightmare Air, Saint Motel, IronTom, and Tapioca and the Flea. "Live painting and sculpture" will be afoot, and you will indeed watch artists, er. Arting? Yes. The act of making art.

    Food trucks, places to purchase and enjoy wine, and "The Poem Store" will be on the grounds, as well as other cultural, mind-growing destinations.

    Plus those giant sloth statues that are one of many symbols of the park. Have you not had your photo taken in front of them yet? It's practically a local law. Best remedy that if you haven't.

    Hours are 2 to 8 p.m. on the 21st. And, as mentioned, this is free. But that is right and good for our region's oldest-known attraction, yet? The dire wolves didn't pay a cover charge and get a hand stamp -- or, um, paw stamp -- and neither should modern humans who visit the pits for a day of music and sunshine and good times.

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