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Artworks to Costumes: Phyllis Diller Estate Auction

Bid on costumes, wigs, and other memorabilia from the comedian's collection.



    Artworks to Costumes: Phyllis Diller Estate Auction
    The hats, costumes, jewelry, and accessories of comedian Phyllis Diller were distinctive, gorgeous, and often one-of-a-kind. Pieces from Ms. Diller's estate will be auctioned on Sunday, Sept. 22. (AP Photo/George Brich)

    Phyllis Diller is remembered for many witty and wonderful things.

    Take, for instance, those well-crafted, highly burnished zingers she'd deliver with a wide, impish smile. And her stage presence. And her sharp, elegant delivery. And the fizzy camaraderie she enjoyed with fellow entertainers. And the way she helped pave a way into comedy in a time when female comedians were not only not headlining shows but rarely even endlining, either.

    It was on this last point that she was thanked many times over, and remembered for, with emotion, when she passed away in August of 2012.

    But while many fans recall all that she did for funky funniness in the world, they also admired her incredible, inimitable style. Ms. Diller's often ornate tastes ran to chunky necklaces full of sparkle, colorful boas, and hats that provided as much shade as she was famed for often throwing (and didn't she throw it with charm and cleverness).

    Now several of those pieces, plus "antique, artwork, and memorabilia from her South Rockingham Estate" will be up for auction at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills.

    The auction, which is "live and online," is set for Sunday, Sept. 22.

    Like many performers, Ms. Diller had multiple artistic interests and pursuits. She played piano, so expect to see a few beautiful instruments up for auction, and she painted as well. The auction page also mentions her friendship with Bob Hope, so expect to see photos, clothing, and more that relates to their longtime palship.

    And, yes, some of her famous wigs will also be included. 

    Cheers to Phyllis Diller, a fierce and funny person whose comedy remains as bright and as hard-to-forget as a room brimming with bright boas, humongous hats, cigarette holders, and eye-popping frocks.

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