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Bacon + Whiskey + St. Patrick's Day

The Langham is rimming a special sip in bacon for St. Patrick's Day.



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    Call the Bacon Paddy Cocktail a salty twist on March 17 (and find it at The Langham in Pasadena).

    A bacon patty is a commonly seen menu item, but bacon paddy much less so.

    The second word suggests March 17 and the first, um, bacon, so when visitors to The Tap Room at The Langham see the two, they definitely should not except a fast-food-y meat burger type deal. 

    They should expect a Bacon Paddy Cocktail, a specialty beverage being offered at the swanky Pasadena hotel throughout St. Patrick's Weekend. In the glass? Jameson Irish Whiskey, maple syrup, and muddle strawberry. Outside of the glass, or rather along the rim? Bacon bits.

    A strip of bacon in a Bloody Mary is a not-unusual sight these days, but rimming a cocktail glass in bacon might suggest a whole new world of rimmable foods opening up. Sorry, salt, too bad, sugar, your days of rimming spirited libations may be numbered.

    The Langham will also serve holiday-type fare to go with the Bacon Paddy drinks, including Corned Beef Sliders.

    If a meaty breakfast-type food adjacent to your alcohol isn't quite your thing, here are two other St. Patrick's choices: Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey is going the spiked mint milkshake route. Name? Easy: The Shamrocker. And Loteria Grill is mixing a special jalapeno margarita as part of its special "Green Menu." The best part of the Green Menu? It starts (and doesn't end) on March 17, running all week long.

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