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Beverly Hills at 100: Five Hotel Suites Get Past Makeovers

A quintet of rooms will be redesigned to reflect long-gone decades.



    Beverly Hills at 100: Five Hotel Suites Get Past Makeovers
    Suite 100
    Beverly Hills is marking its 100th, and five hotel suites'll get a redesign to reflect past decades.

    Let it never be said that Beverly Hills thinks small.

    The shiniest of shiny cities -- said with all due affection, dear ol' BH -- is grandly rolling into its centennial in true top-notch style. Nope, they're not handing out limos to every 100th visitor, though we wouldn't put it past 'em. Rather, five famous hotels will redesign a single suite in honor of the big anniversary.

    But wait. The posh celebration, which is called Suite 100, gets bigger (of course): Each hotel suite's design will reflect a past decade, moment, or look from the last 100 years. Seriously, Beverly Hills, now you're just making other places look like they're not even trying.

    Please feel free to step it up, everywhere else.

    Check it: The Montage Beverly Hills'll go Film Noir -- 1940s, natch -- with its Suite 100 room. "Mirrored finishes" and a vintage phonograph shall be found within. The Beverly Hilton's suite will be full-on 1960s, while L'Ermitage of Beverly Hills will evoke the 1970s a la a Studio 54-type set-up.

    The 1950s flair of Ms. Marilyn Monroe will be tributed at the The Beverly Hills Hotels & Bungalows while The Peninsula is going with "The Birth of Modern Glamour." (We're eager to see how that concept looks when applied to a hotel suite.)

    And, indeed, banner designers shall be involved in the fresh if temporary looks, and loads of luxe touches. Please. Remember where we're talking about here.

    The Hills d'Beverly -- what? We're feeling fancy, what with all of this fancy suite talk -- turn 100 on Jan. 28, 2014, which is the day reservations open on the five Suite 100 rooms. You can book your stay between March 7 and the close of the year.

    Who is staying at all five suites? Sumptuous, indeed, but the shiniest of shiny cities only has one centennial, after all.