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Charles Phoenix in Chinatown: A CicLAvia Fundraiser

The history-loving humorist leads a fun walk on the day of the big bike ride.



    Charles Phoenix in Chinatown: A CicLAvia Fundraiser
    Charles Phoenix
    Want to be a part of CicLAvia on Sunday, Oct. 6 but not keen on biking? Walk it, with Charles Phoenix, through Chinatown. It's a fundraiser that benefits the big bike ride.

    Wanting to be a part of CicLAvia, our city's thrice-a-year mega shut-down-the-streets bike ride, is an understandable impulse.

    The huge event draws thousands, it is community-oriented, and there's a lot of color and liveliness that accompanies that cycle shindig. But, what if you don't want to ride? What if you can't, or you don't have a bike?

    There are options. CicLAvia is becoming increasingly walk-friendly, with specially designated hubs, and there will be a cheeky and entertaining new walkable dimension to the Oct. 6 "Heart of LA" ride: Charles Phoenix.

    Yep, Southern California's own history-loving, tour-hosting, retro-cool entertain-y fun guy will helm three hour-long walking tours through Chinatown. Chinatown is one of the CicLAvia hubs for the day, meaning you'll see plenty of cyclists doing their thing while you head for the meeting spot.

    Once there, you'll follow Mr. Phoenix and learn all about the Seven Star Cavern Wishing Well -- we always throw for "vacation" and always seems to miss -- as well as Fong's, a shop that's been a Chinatown staple since 1952. Other favorites, like Hop Louis, will be visited.

    One tasty treat? Eggrolls are part of the tour fee.

    Oh, and that fee is $39, and, yep, proceeds help CicLAvia (which is, as you can imagine, a rather epic event to stage). There are three tours, the first is at noon, and spots are limited, limited, limited.

    Nope, you can't throw a penny in the Seven Star Cavern Wishing Well and wish for a spot after the tours are full; you have to simply book early.

    One note: If you've been on Mr. Phoenix's downtown Disneyland tour, you'll recognize the Chinatown segment. But do it again, if you enjoyed it, and help out our thrice-a-year mega bike ride.

    And that "thrice-a-year" only started this year. Could it grow from here? With people helping out, it definitely can.

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