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Clifton's Eve: Cafeteria Re-Open Delayed (Slightly)

Perhaps the Jell-O is taking a little longer to set? The famed restaurant pushes its opening day.



    Clifton's Eve: Cafeteria Re-Open Delayed (Slightly)
    Clifton's Cafeteria
    Clifton's Cafeteria, set to re-debut after a multi-year refurbish, has pushed its opening date of Sept. 22.

    Roam into most any forest and you're bound to see a fir sapling reaching for the sunlight and spreading its branches and having some good days, water- and weather-wise, and some that shake it to its very earthbound roots.

    The picture we paint is woodsy for two reasons. One? A sapling illustrates the usual growing pains towards becoming something great quite well. And two? We're about to talk about Clifton's Cafeteria, the opened-in-1935, closed-in-2011, set-to-open-again-in-2015 eatery that's lush with forest themes.

    Yes, it has been under refurbishment for years now. Yes, fans have been as agitated as aspens in a windstorm over getting inside the gussied-up restaurant. And, yes, the big public opening date was originally announced as Tuesday, Sept. 22. 

    But remember the sapling we mentioned? Having a few stops and starts on its way to big-of-trunk, wide-of-branch greatness? We'll apply that now, to Clifton's, which announced that opening date will be delayed.

    Not by much, though, or so the Facebook announcement suggests. "The dream of Clifton's journey back to Broadway is nearly complete... but we may need a day or two extra!," says the post. 

    That doesn't sound too long before the throngs of Jell-O-lovin' fans can walk inside the wood-tastic space, a space overseen by entrepreneur Andrew Meieran, the theme-forward visionary behind The Edison.

    No specific reason was given, but the Clifton's representative took time to speak to many mavens' questions on the thread.

    Perhaps that famous Jell-O needs a few extra days to set? Perhaps the white cake batter was a bit too creamy? Or are some last touches being added to re-forest the tree-lovely landmark?

    Stay tuned for that soon-to-come new opening day announcement, Clifton's Cafeteria regulars-from-before and regulars-to-be. Like a sapling in the forest, a change of wind or a sprinkle of rain can do wonders to push a growing thing to the next robust stage.

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