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Doing Your Part for International Tom Hanks Day

The holiday has a not-so-serious name but a serious way of helping others.



    Doing Your Part for International Tom Hanks Day
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    International Tom Hanks Day has a new web site and a serious goal: Raising funds for Lifeline Energy, an organization the actor is involved in and supports.

    What happens when some friends get to talking over snacks and beers and then, like, one of them has a kind of ridiculous idea, and then, like, 10 years later a whole bunch of people know about it and the formerly silly idea has evolved into something way meaningful, with the super-important support of the person the idea is named after?

    International Tom Hanks Day happens. Kevin Turk of Chicago and his Hanksian-minded pals thought it might be funny to devise a holiday in honor of the Oscar-winning actor a decade back. More Tomfoolery followed, including film-obsessed get-togethers, the wearing of Woody t-shirts, and "Bosom Buddies" references galore.

    Soon the movie star caught wind of the merry doings happening in his name and things took off from there. How? The lighthearted "Big" buffs began to build the holiday around raising money for the actor's favorite cause, Lifeline Energy. The charity "provides on-demand access to information and education to vulnerable populations." Innovative solar-powered and "wind-up media players" are one important avenue to this goal.

    There are two fundraisers planned for International Tom Hanks Day this year, which falls on, wait for it, April 1. (The events are both happening on April 13, though, we should note; one is in Chicago, one in Portland, OR.)

    Surely some enterprising Hanks maven can put together a fundraiser for Los Angeles, given that this is indeed the place the star calls home? One of our indie movie theaters, perhaps? 

    "Forrest Gump" fans, let's move on this, pronto. No pressure, but, we can make some magic happen here, too.

    Also of note: International Tom Hanks Day recently unveiled its new site. Check it out and be inspired. Speaking of which, who is the next star to get his or her own holiday in honor of an important cause? Fan clubs out there? Thoughts?

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