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Free Pizza: Blaze Riverside Debuts

The while-you-wait pizzeria debuts with a splash (of marinara).



    Free Pizza: Blaze Riverside Debuts
    Blaze Pizza
    Blaze Pizza in Riverside celebrates its opening with a free pizza giveaway on Tuesday, June 17.

    When one thinks of Pasadena, one is apt to think of floats, roses, big mountains, big stadiums, and innovative assembly line-style pizza-making.

    Nope? That last thing doesn't spring to mind? Hang tight, because it may yet. The Crown City happens to serve as the headquarters for Blaze Pizza, the boutique, watch-your-pie-made pizzeria that's tearing through Southern California like so many Little Leaguers through a dozen pizzas post-game.

    Tearing through and offering free pizzas. Next up on the free pizza-giveaway-partay calendar? Riverside, in honor of the newest location.

    If you're at the Riverside Plaza Shopping Center on Tuesday, June 17 from 11 a.m to 11 p.m., and you don't mind queuing up for a bit, and you're pretty good with deciding what you want before you reach the counter, you'll score a free 11-inch pizza if you follow Blaze on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. 

    No, seriously: Free pizza day brings out a lot of people, so, as a public service, you have to decide what you want rather than mull over it, counterside, for five minutes. On this we all agree? Yes.

    The decisions, though, are good: The Meat Eater, BBQ CHKN, and Red Vine, which incorporates cherry tomatoes, are three of the Blaze signature pizzas. You can also build your own, if building your own happens to be your thing.

    And the wait? It's fast. It's "fast-fire'd" in fact, a company term, for 120 seconds in a hot, open hearth oven.

    Then voila! Pizza. Make that free pizza, if you're at the new Riverside Blaze on June 17. Really, though, shore up that order while you're in line. Shouldn't we all do that in all lines all the time? Improving the general flow of life? Because we all just want to get to the pizza faster.

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