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Fun on the Freeway: Highway Sing-a-Long

Did you sing with this guy on the 101? A viral treat continues to grow.



    Fun on the Freeway: Highway Sing-a-Long
    TJ Smith
    Have you sung along with comedian TJ Smith on the freeways of LA? You may soon. He's the guy getting other people in cars to croon with him.

    The path of the viral video is an amazing one, with a few peaks, valleys, and loop-di-loops along the way.

    But the truly robust favorites have a few early peaks before they spread wide and fast. Take what's being called "the highway singer video." Comedian TJ Smith's sunny-happy-fun treat debuted in summer and has been climbing the inbox-social media-retweeted charts all fall, with a big spike in September.

    The upshot? Mr. Smith cranks up a tune and gets the drivers of Los Angeles to sing along with him. And not just any tune, but a vintage goodie that we probably all know.

    He's jammin' out to The Foundations' "Build Me Up, Buttercup" in the video here, and, yep, people he has never met before are joining along from their cars.

    It kind of makes you anticipate rush hour on the 101 now, right?

    Well, maybe not.

    But still. If the mirthmaker, who has a spritely Youtube and Tumblr presence, pulls up alongside you on the 405 warbling a disco-era funk-tune, you know what you'll be doing: singing, inside your car, in a rare moment of freeway-based bonding.