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Happy Burger Day, Burger Buffs

Meat patties, May 28 is all yours. You, too, bready buns.



    Happy Burger Day, Burger Buffs
    May 28 is National Burger Day. Heading to Cecconi's West Hollywood for a fontina black truffle burger?

    Foodie factoid: Every day of the year has a foodstuff tied to it.

    Sometimes there are holiday reasons behind this -- hello, Halloween and candy corn -- but very often the edible event is randomly placed on a random day by time and tradition and random people who say it should be so.

    But National Burger Day, which happens to be May 28? It falls just after the unofficial summer season's kick-off, meaning that timing, meaning, and perfect-day-ism has dovetailed in one bun-encased celebration of all things patty.

    And restaurants do celebrate, from chalkboard specials to very, very specific offers: Del Frisco's Grille of Santa Monica is offering a free Silicon Beach Burger to any customer with the initials D.F.G. on May 28. Yes, you'll need an I.D. to prove you are really Daniel Frederick Glayson or whatever names you rock that correspond to those particular initials.

    Unusual burgers abound around the city, and for deals, too. Not restricted to National Burger Day but actually served every day, during happy hour, at Cecconi's West Hollywood? A fontina black truffle burger with crispy prosciutto and onion brioche bun. "Truffle" sometimes translates into pricey, but this thing's seven bucks.

    Another seven-buck burger, every day? The Oinkster's Pork Adobo Burger. Burgers can and often are spicy, but this one goes the distance with some not-to-fiery heat and loads of depth. But there are other patty-plus-buns choices to make at the Hollywood and Eagle Rock locations.

    But does National Burger Day belong to the Double Double? Or does every day? Is May 28 finally your day to order off the In-N-Out secret menu? Or will science one day show that once a person has their go-to In-N-Out order, they shall adhere to that order for the rest of time, National Burger Day or not?

    Burgers, you do provoke deep thought. Happy your day.

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