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Happy Pi(e) Day

3.14 is the order of the day. Oh, and, um, yummy baked goods, too.



    Happy Pi(e) Day
    How do you take your pie? Mini, pizza, traditional, hip? Southern California has your perfect slice.

    March 14 lives in baked-good infamy in many a mind. If you're familiar with pi, which we can probably just go ahead and call Math's Most Famous Number (tm), then you know it begins with a 3, a 1, and a 4 (with a decimal thrown in). Thus 3/14 is, at least among humor-loving people, Pi Day.

    And baked-good-loving people, too. Pi Day has transmogrified into Pie Day over the years, meaning that a few shops around town go the $3.14-for-a-slice route (Brite Spot, we're looking at you). But, honest, you can get a decent slice for about that price, or perhaps little more, at diners around town throughout the year. Here are some favorites.

    Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop: This West Third nook started out in the height of cupcake and donut fever with a new twist on the small sweet: petite pies. We definitely like those -- they fit in the palm pretty easily -- but we also like the impressive savory pies the shop sells. Steak & lager? Chicken curry? We'd eat both, at once, with two forks, if people didn't give us the side eye.

    Du-Par's: It's in movies, it's in our past memories, it's usually aglow as we drive by late at night. It also offers the pie of the month -- wait, that deserves all caps -- Pie of the Month -- which means we get to try new flavors. Because we get in a rut with pie. Pie rut, it's called, we think, scientifically. Anywho, we love you, Du-Par's, both in Studio City and Fairfax.

    Brite Spot: It's an eastside staple that has egg'd-up many a musician and student and person and Dodgers fan and anybody who likes to classic diner food in a classic setting. (All of us?) But pies are king here, and come March 14, they're $3.14. You gotta go cherry, right? Let's just call that done and shake on it.

    The Pie Hole: It's downtown and it's newer on the scene with a newer take on traditional flavors. Meaning? Well, Maple Custard is a thing, but so is Earl Grey Tea and Angel City Porter Vanilla Porter Chocolate Bread. They also go mini pie, too. Mini pies may not unseat cupcakes in our hearts but bet they'll become a permanent part of the royal small sweet court.

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