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It's Back: Avocado Ale from Angel City

How much do you love our official state fruit? How about in a beer?



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    Angel City Brewery
    Our green good state fruit returns later in August, in beer form, to Angel City Brewery.

    Fruit and beer isn't an unlikely, offbeat duo. Foams laden with hints of cherry or apricot are pretty standard nowadays, thanks to the craft beer world's inventive pursuit for the next pow-packing sip.

    And that a brewery would pay homage to its state's official fruit is rather nice, and not all that weird, unless, of course, that state happens to be California and the fruit is the creamy, pit-luscious, bumpily of skin avocado.

    Cherries? Apricots? Easy. But pairing the creamy alligator pear with an ale is a bigger challenge, one that Angel City Brewery & Public House has risen to in the past, with aplomb, creativity, and deep flavor.

    Now the Arts District beermaker is bringing back its buzzed-about beverage, and they are doing so in grand, gulpable style, with an all-day party at the downtown brewhouse.

    Date? Sunday, Aug. 17. The theme? Green goodness in liquid form. The ingredients? Well, avocados (no surprise there). Plus cilantro, crushed red pepper, and lime, beer's ol' buddy.

    Lime + beer 4evr, in fact. Right?

    Lime Truck and Son of a Bun will be on hand to oversee the food pairings. Avocado games -- !!! -- shall ensue, avocados shall be sold, there's an "Avocado Vendor Bazaar" (yes, please), live music, brewery tours with a focus on the Avocado Ale, and avocado paletas.

    Avocado. Paletas. True, the middle of August is not the start of summer, but we'll make the claim that summer can't officially kick into higher gear until an icy avocado treat is consumed.

    So: Would you try the Avocado Ale? Of course. Think how the richness of the fruit marries well to the full body of a really well-made beer. No wrinkly of noses or calling it "too unusual" before trying it.

    It's the state fruit, after all. Do it for California.

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