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Little Dom's: Six Years, 6-Cent Martinis

The Hillhurst hangout throws a swanky sixth.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Little Dom's
    Sip a six-cent Russian Standard Martini at Little Dom's on Tuesday, Jan. 28. The Hillhurst eatery is marking its sixth birthday.

    There's an art to creating a restaurant that is both on the newer side -- you're creating it, after all -- but boasts an older, softly swanky, lived-in feel. You want the stools and the tile and the wooden floor to feel a little rounded around the edges, a little well-used, and a lot of loved.

    Little Dom's achieved this pretty much from the get-go. It can be, in fact, difficult to remember that the Hillhurst hangout has only been around for a half decade plus a year. The glow-soft wood touches and red vinyl seats and black & white photos all look like they might have been put in place around 1938, and the drink-laden chalkboard? You have suspect Frank Sinatra himself might have written out a few spontaneous lyrics to a love song on that very board one long ago night.

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    But the Italian-American neighborhood staple was indeed started in 2008, and it is getting a little neighborhood-nice birthday party to celebrate that fact. And the centerpiece thank-you to regulars and newcomers alike? Six-cent Russian Standard Martinis on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

    The food specials don't quite fall in the .06 range, but there shall be swanky savings to have. Like? Well, oysters on the half shell for sixteen bucks and wild boar osso buco for twenty four dollars.

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    Briny and savory, in that order.

    But even if you can't make it to the spot for its sixth anniversary bash, swing by for a cocktail and ricotta gnocchi fritto. You can pretend Frank is in the house, maybe picking up some to-go pizza on his way to a gig down at the Brown Derby. You totally make up Old Hollywood-type tales in your head for all of our city's niftiest spaces, right? We mean, how can you not?

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