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Long Beach Kicks Off SoCal's Lobster-iest Month

You, a lobster hat, and butter all over your hands. Let's do this!



    Long Beach Kicks Off SoCal's Lobster-iest Month
    The Original Long Beach Lobster Festival
    Wacky pictures, buttery fingers, live tunes, and lobster? September must be nigh in Southern California, and it must be the Original Long Beach Lobster Festival. It snaps its claws from Friday, Sept. 5 through Sunday, Sept. 7.

    Some seafoodians might glance at the calendar around Labor Day, making a note to change it from August to September, and then bingo-bango: They remember that Southern California's every-week-for-three-weeks run of lobster-filled festivals is just ahead, and they better text their lobster-lovin' relatives and chums at once.

    But other seafoodians? They know, already. Boy howdy, do they; they're so serious they've been practically sleeping in their plastic bib for much of the summer, in eat-happy anticipation.

    They know that Long Beach is up first, then Port of Los Angeles follows, and Redondo rounds it out, one, two, three weekends in a row.

    Ready to enter the crustacean zone, People of the Claw?

    LBC is your place to be -- take that slogan, Long Beach, if you like it -- from Friday, Sept. 5 through Sunday, Sept. 7. This is the one with allllll the festival goers in the lobster hats and beads. Due this year? A Queen tribute band, zydeco-flavored dance, blues, country, get-up-and-move music.

    Plus: the food. Fresh Maine lobster is the star, along with coleslaw, watermelon, lemons, and butter dipping sauce. Oh, and a roll, which you'll completely soak in the butter dipping sauce, once you've made short work of your lobster.

    We know that's how it goes.

    There's also a lobster knick knack store, in addition to other vendors. Our thought? You should buy a crustacean statuette for your shelf, so you remember that September is LA's lobster-iest month of the year. No surprises when Labor Day Weekend rolls around: You've made your plans.

    Then, soon, you too will keep the bib handy, maybe even donning it for special occasions outside of the late-summer lobster festivals.

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