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Mics On: LA Podcast Festival

Marc Maron, Aisha Tyler, and other local heavyweights'll delve into La Vida Podcast, in Beverly Hills.



    Mics On: LA Podcast Festival
    Mad for podcasting and podcasters and the podcastingverse? Be at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills through Sept. 28.

    Prior to 2000, you probably said the word "pod" quite a bit, if you were into gardening or space vehicles, and you probably said the word "cast," too, if you ever found your arm in one after an unfortunate tumble in the garden planting seed pods or inside your space pod roaming the galaxy.

    But "podcast" was not a word anybody uttered, on purpose, until fairly recently, when a devotion to depth-filled conversation, intimate musings, comedy ha-has, and knowledge-packed talks took off in both short- and long-form.

    The podcast, those subscribe-cool snippets of audio and video, is now a downloadable staple in our lives, and Los Angeles? Well, our city is at the mic-and-headphones-wearing forefront.

    Look to Marc Maron, Aisha Tyler, Dana Gould, Larry Miller, and the affable/provocative wealth of locally based entertainers (and non-entertainers) who host or regularly sit in on regularly produced podcasts. Those leaders in LA funny-smart-talkery, and more leaders beyond that list, are making for the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, mics in hand, to talk about their weekly shows, and more, at the LA Podcast Festival.

    It's on through Sunday, Sept. 28.

    Oookay, proverbial mics in hand; podcast studio set-ups, very often found in garages and spare rooms, are best left alone, but the podcast celebrities shall arrive with their voices, their advice, their know-how, their spunk, their warnings in tow.

    After all, podcasting has been around for a decade, ish, now, so the what-should-ya-dos and definitely-don't-dos have piled up, prodigiously. This means panels during the fest, and Q&As, and helpful hobnobbing.

    Oh, and podcasting. So much podcasting. More podcasting than you can throw a mic at. (Also, don't throw mics, ever.)

    A Podcast Lab'll be set up, for "podcasters of ANY experience level can go and record their podcasts right from the festival." Nice. Best drink hot lemon water. Isn't that a podcaster tip? Or is it for opera singers? Both?

    As for tickets? You can go with a day pass or weekend pass, podcastee. Follow the feedback this way (and, ultimately, to the Sofitel).

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