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On Its Way, LA: The Pudding Truck

The creamy dessertery-on-wheels launches with a Golden Road bash.



    On Its Way, LA: The Pudding Truck
    The Pudding Truck
    There's now a truck for creamy cup-based sweetness: The Pudding Truck launches at Golden Road on Friday, Jan. 31.

    Pause for a moment, if you will, and consider all of the foodstuffs you've consumed while standing on a sidewalk.

    French fries? An ice cream cone? Perhaps a hot dog? Many of us likely raised our hands for one or all of those snacks. Pudding, however, is not a common sidewalk-standing sweet, which only means one incredibly obvious thing: The time for a pudding truck is nigh.

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    Dessert devotee Carrie Cohen recognized the siren call of the silky treat while working as an assistant in the entertainment business. "(S)he realized that her favorite part of the job was bringing in homemade treats for her coworkers" during that time, and thus the idea for the Pudding Truck was born.

    But ideas that are born must flower further to become real, and so The Pudding Truck did: It officially launches at Golden Road on Friday, Jan. 31 with a Pudding & Pints party.

    Mmm. Soft dessert goodness and fancy foams. Okay to that.

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    Organic dairy, hand-whisked creaminess, and gluten-free options will be centerpieces of the truck's menu, as will tony toppers like gummy worms from all natural candy.

    Brief aside for a serious question: Do adults eat more gummy worms than children? Gummy worm industry, we demand answers (though we believe, anecdotally, that this is so).

    As for the truck's flavors? Yep yep, classics like butterscotch will be in the spin, but bet Ms. Cohen'll whip up some more unusual flavor pairings. Fingers crossed that salted caramel makes a showing.

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    This isn't the pudding cup you enjoyed -- read: furtively licked clean -- on the playground as a tot. But you still may lick your Pudding Truck bowl, only this time on a city sidewalk in full view of other Pudding Truck patrons. Don't worry, though, enthusiastic eaters of LA: Others will likely be doing the same.

    Where's The Pudding Truck going next? Twitter knows, natch.

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